Who can register at Scrollzee?

Anyone can register at Scrollzee as long as they are advertisers or car owners: Scrollzee is a promotional tool for businesses and a possibility for car owners to earn additional money by placing ads on their cars.

Is registration free?

Yes, registration at Scrollzee is free

Is there any fee for publication of the ads?

Yes, fee for advertiser is 25 Euros per ad, fee for car owner is 10 Euros per ad.

When do I pay the fee?

The fee for your ad is paid after you fill up all of the fields of the advertising form and click Publish button. Then you will be redirected to the checkout page where you may select your preferred payment method and pay for your advertisment.

What kind of ads can I post here?

Any company ad logo can be posted by advertisers and any transport vehicle ad can be placed by car owners.

What is an Ad?

Ads can be any product or service people can buy for a bargain, including two-for-one sales, reduced prices, and clear out sales or best value or best taste food.

How do I Post an Ad?

Click PUBLISH YOUR AD to post a new ad (You need to register first if you are using the site for the first time. By clicking Register you will be redirected to the registration page where you can fill in your registration form and get registered )

Step 1: Title the ad

Step 2: Choose the category of ad you are submitting to

Step 3: Enter some information about your ad. Your description should be a summary of the ad including price, merchant name and address if you like.

Step 4: Please add a picture to your post if possible by uploading it from your source device or include the image URL. NOTE: You can locate the image URL by right clicking on the image (ctrl + click on Mac) and choosing 'copy image location', just paste the image location directly into the field. You can also upload pictures that you've saved to your computer by clicking browse to find the relevant image.

Finding Ads

Use the search tool to locate a specific ad, or to search for ads by specific category. Enter a keyword or phrase into the search box and click 'Go'.

Leaving Comments

Why leave a comment? Making constructive comments and contributing to the community makes Scrollzee a better, more resourceful tool for everyone. You may have expertise in one or more of the main topics and perhaps you'll be able to help other members who are seeking further information on a specific ad. Always remember that it takes time for members to source and post ads, so it's always worth thanking those who make the effort.

How to leave a comment

It's really simple, once you're signed in, just click on the comments link that you'll see on each ad.

Replying to comments

To reply to a specific post within a thread, click the reply to this comment button to the right of the comment you wish to quote. This will copy the quote and the poster's username into your text box at the bottom of the page, in which you can then type your reply and submit. You can reply to multiple comments, just click the reply to this comment for each comment you wish to quote.

Your User Settings

Changing your display information

Click My account, top right. You'll have the option there to edit your profile.

 Change or reset your password

Click My account, top right and choose option to change your password. If you have any problems doing this, please contact us.

View or change privacy options

You are in control of your own account and you're able to delete your own posts, change your own email address / password at any time and edit your security settings within your own member settings. Click My account button, top right, and scroll down to privacy information.

View or change your thread display/subscription options

Your subscription options are also in My account page. You can choose whether to receive email notification for subscribed threads.

View or change your private messaging options

In your My accounts page, accessible from the top right, you can scroll down to change your private message settings.

People you're following

You can follow any member and add them as a buddy by clicking their avatar and then the follow option. To manage your buddy list, simply look at your settings and scroll down to the Following (buddy list) option. It'll display your entire list there and you can unfollow any of your buddies at any time

Inappropriate Content

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How to Report Inappropriate Content

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